Lorraine Brosnan
Lorraine Brosnan campaign leader

Australians are people who have been proud to claim their nationality and their values of a fair-go for all, and a heritage of looking out for the underdog. Over the past year under the current Federal government a climate of determination to break the spirits of all asylum seekers whether they are onshore in detention centres, in community detention or on bridging visas, and especially if they are in off-shore detention facilities has increased dramatically and cruelly. There is no leniency no matter what the age of the refugee. A 99yr old refugee was held for over 1 yr in a detention centre. Babies as young as 6 wks have been sent to off-shore detention centres. In February 2014 the death of a young man occurred on Manus Island by the very people who were supposed to looking after him & others there. Numerous others were badly wounded. Many were retraumatized by the event, adding to the psychological trauma they had already experienced which led them to flee their home countries. Now another refugee on Manus Island is about to die. This MUST STOP!


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