Mary Frieling
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I work in a poverty-stricken area of Phoenix. Bonita was left behind by her owners after they were evicted from their apartment. They left her alone in the back yard of the vacant apartment but would come back every few days to feed her. When I learned of this from one of the neighbors, I was not going to let that continue so I tried to find someone who would take her and give her a permanent home - she was a gentle soul and very sweet girl. Sadly, because she is Pit, I was not successful in my quest to find her a good home. So rather than letting her continue to 'hang out in the alley near the apartment' I was able to find someone else who lived on the same street to keep her. but he, too, was irresponsible and every few days she'd get out and I'd see her wondering the streets or she'd come back to where i work. She would try to get in my car, she wanted off the street, I wanted to take her home but my own dog would not allow it, no way. So I found Bonita another home with someone else on the street, a month later, she got out and came to me again. This went on for about a year and a half. I got her a collar at one point with my phone number on it and then one day I received a call from the Pound. They found my dog and I had three days to pick her up. I loved her so after freaking out, and praying a lot, I sent out a plea to my network of friends, facebook, emails, etc. and someone came forth to adopt her. I found her a forever home and it was far away from the rough neighborhood she knew. Bonita was going to her new mom, with a big house, large green backyard and new little dog, Jax. - Bonita's new brother. This photo is Bonita in her new kitchen after i picked her up from the County Pound and took to her new forever home. In this photo, she was saying good bye and thanking me for her new life. Her new name is Bonnie.

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