Lisa Michelle Bloor
Lisa Michelle Bloor campaign leader

why you should care about the ashya king family

If we all stood back and did nothing this could be YOUR family next. This is not just about the king's human rights but about everyone of us and OUR human rights. What have the kings been imprisoned for? for caring and wanting better treatment, that the NHS was not willing to provide for their son. Is it a crime to care? is it a crime too seek out a second opinion? is it a crime too want alternative treatment that could well be better for your child? because if those things have now become a criminal offence then we are all doomed and good loving parents across the world are about to be placed in prison just for wanting the best for their children.

You can make a difference and we can make the WORLD listen. We have to make sure that this is resolved sooner rather then later and that never again will any loving caring parent go through this. Let Ashya be with her family, let the Ashya's parents go free and support them in any way we can in getting the treatment their child deserves.

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thank you all for your support


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