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Thank you for your support

Sisters and brothers,
We, at the 10 Reasons for Cultural Boycott of Israel campaign, would like to thank all of you for your support in this season’s Israel state sponsored Red Sea Jazz Festival. Thanks to you we are now 15,000 strong https://www.causes.com/actions/1757955-dont-let-th... and will only continue to grow.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the musicians that canceled their participation at the last minute. Terence Blanchard, Marcus Strickland, and Los Hacheros, we know breaking a contract isn’t a simple thing, thank you.

This season’s campaign coincided with Israel’s most brutal attack on the Palestinian people since the second Intifada. Thus confirming for many in the movement that Israel’s overall actions against the Palestinian people amount to genocide.

In solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, who survived Israel’s 50 day carnage; Palestinians in the West Bank, now going through 2 months of the worse upsurge in abductions since the Intifada; Palestinians inside thhe 1948 armistice line, suffering attacks in the streets by racist mobs, Arabic on the verge of being “demoted for social cohesion”; and Palestinian refugees all around the world, still bared from Return to their homeland of Palestine; We are resolved to continue standing against genocide, on all fronts, and call out from every stage, podium, and soapbox: Boycott Israel!

Thank you all and see you this winter,

10RCBI Campaign

Campaign closed

Culture is not created in a vaccum. Culture that ignores human rights violations and is used to whitewash war crimes and crimes against humanity, and cultural workers who accept money in this context, are complicit. The many victories of the BDS movement so far have shown us that culture can shine a light on these crimes, instead of muffling the cries of the victims. Please support the…

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