Update #18 ·

We're finally meeting with Ghirardelli

After a couple of meeting postponements, a rally at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, and a heavy social media campaign targeting the company, we are finally going to sit down with Ghirardelli executives today.

We’ll be meeting to discuss how Fair Trade certified cocoa guarantees that farmers and communities are getting a fair price, that no children have to work in cocoa fields instead of going to school, and that the environment is protected. We want to know that the chocolate that we purchase ensures community empowerment and democratic decision making for the farmers.

Have you sent your message to Ghirardelli? 

Leave a comment below with your message to the executives today and tell them it's time to go Fair Trade. If you've already sent your message, be sure to tell your friends to join you

We want as many of your voices in that room with us as possible.

Because all trade can (and should) be fair.


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