Rose-Shoshale Lieberman

Loving the beauty of the wonderful things and the incredible people in Israel is whats most important,I stop children and adults from fighting ,As well as smoking whenever I can.In turn Israel carries me so often ,If Im in pain or if I cant carry my parcel.Anger and hate ,just breeds contempt and then more hate violence and anger.I know only too well what Im talking about.I had to unlearn so many abusive traits that I was taught.You can too ,Thats how Moshe Rabeinu brought peace about the jewish people,As well as David Hamelech.We read his wonderful tehillim .We daven But do we do our all.To really help create real peace.The dear ,poor soldiers are fighting for us,Its cold they are tired and hungry.Why do they need to suffer ?.Why do we need to suffer,? Lets stop the hate cycle ! You can stop it now .! Really you can.! By contributing to peace-_If you see people fighting,Especially jews Do your all to stop them !.Try !! If you can .Written by Rose Lieberman


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