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Almost 15,000 sign to boycott Red Sea Jazz Festival as ceasefire declared in Gaza

Sisters and brothers,

We've almost reached our 15,000 signatory goal for this season's Israel state sponsored Red Sea Jazz Festival! 


This great news comes at the heels of the news of a ceasefire in Gaza. We'd like to remind the musicians, participating in the whitewashing event- Antoine Roney, Fred Hersch, Diane Schuur, Leny Andrade, Lonnie Smith, Hotel Khaleeji, Kellylee Evans, Lee Konitz, Dayna Stephens, and Dave Douglas- that an end to the massacres does NOT mean an end to the siege, apartheid, executions, mass arrests, torture, house demolitions and annexation of the remains of Palestine. We continue opposing Israel's genocide on every front. Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

How you can help

Culture is not created in a vaccume. Culture that ignores human rights violations and is used to whitewash war crimes and crimes against humanity, and cultural workers who accept money in this context, are complicit. The many victories of the BDS movement so far have shown us that culture can shine a light on these crimes, instead of muffling the cries of the victims. Please support the…

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This is the full letter written by Israeli human rights activists (the dates and artists' names will be updated every festival season). If you agree, please join the boycott by signing and sharing this petition! (the petition is NOT just for citizens of Israel.) To Leyla McCalla, Brass-A-Holics, Kendrick Scott Oracle, Cyrille Aimée, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane, Matt Garrison,…

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