Update #18 ·

Lacking Vision

No where in America are the animal killing contests getting more support than from the very agencies designed to in theory protect wildlife. Here in New Mexico, the Game and Fish Department have a long history of collusion with the Livestock Industry and their commission remains one of the most corrupt in the nation.

Recently several commissioners have been forced to resign because of illegal killings of wildlife and they have made a point of having all Game and Fish vehicles carry the logo of "take your children hunting and trapping today" its frankly a disgrace.

However, things may have gotten even worse with the elevation of Paul Kienzle III, being made the head of the commission. Kienzle, has a long history of working for the radical Mountain States Legal Foundation, which was started by former Interior Secretary Jim Watt, known for his hatred of wilderness and wildlife. Kienzle also works for the radical Paragon Foundation, a group opposed to public lands. This all points to a commission headed down a radical path of killing, trapping of species and a clear hatred of wolves.

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