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CJ UPDATE - tragic news!

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Thank you so much to each and every one of you who voiced your support for CJ the Labrador-cross in recent weeks. 

Over 10,000 of you signed our petition for CJ’s custody to be awarded to AWL. 

We are extremely disappointed to announce that despite this public outcry and an appeal being lodged by NSW Police, the DPP has decided not to overturn the decision for CJ to be handed back to his owner. 

AWL is bound to abide by this decision by the Courts. 

You can view our full statement at


We will continue to work tirelessly to rescue animals like CJ, bring offenders before the courts and fight for tougher laws - and we hope to see that this type of decision is not handed down again in future. 

To voice your concerns you can contact the NSW Attorney General’s Department.

CONTACT -Department of Justice

Parramatta Justice Precinct 

160 Marsden St

Locked Bag 5111

Parramatta NSW 2124

DX 1227 Sydney

Phone: 02 8688 7777 

Fax: 02 8688 7980


Campaign closed

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