Update #9 ·

One lie after another + MTR staff union's defiance.

Dear all, 

Some preliminary victories aside, this battle is not over yet. 

While MTR has issued "sincere apology" and that it has set up a committee to launch a deep investigation into this incidence. The "MTR Train service & operation staff union" issued a statement which condemned MTR's senior management for "inappropriately apologising to the public" & insisted that "the procedure that the relevant staffs engaged upon was deemed appropriate."

I have attached a photo & a news article (in Traditional Chinese) with video embedded - recorded the so-called "Rescue" operation for all our dear supports to determine for themselves how "appropriate" the staff rescue operation was. 

If shooing the dog away and stopping other passengers from trying to save the dog who already wanted to be save by frantically jumping up the platform was deemed "appropriate action", MTR staff seriously need to re-evaluate their staffs' common sense.

Stop lying, MTR. All your lie from the first press statement has been busted by the pictures and video which says the truth loud and clear.

Beside the MTR staff, this petition will be forwarded to the "MTR Train service & operation staff union" they also need to learn a lesson as to how they can take animal's life seriously and to remind them what humanity means beside holding onto their full-time job.

That's why we still need your support. It is a battle not just for justice and for MTR to take action, it is also to give voice to humanity - lost within some human souls who have lost touch with their most basic human nature due to their own 'operational convenience'.

Thank you.

Best Regards, 

Teresa Kulshrestha

Campaign Leader for "Hong Kong MTR to take life of animal seriously."


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