Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

The pit bull version of the ice bucket challenge won't get you wet, unless your dog's a big drooler. challenges you to be KISSED BY A PIT!
They are trying to change the perception of pit bulls, so take a picture or video being kissed by a pit, use ‪#‎kissedbyapit‬ and tag them @ittypitties AND donate $5 to your local rescue or shelter. Plus they will donate $5 for every order they get on their website through the end of the month.

The #kissedbyapit gauntlet's been thrown by the good people of Dog Park Publishing, a company that makes pit bull-celebrating calendars and other products.
To complete this one, all you need to do is put up a picture of yourself kissing a pit, and send a $5 donation to the animal rescue group or shelter of your choice.

Have you kissed your dog today?


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