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A concrete witness that the MTR staff were shooing the dog away:
Translation - posted 20th Aug 11:15am:
"I don't know what Sheung Shui MTR (the staffs) are up to, just now there was a yellow Mongrel entered the train track, the dog was trying to jump itself back up the platform, I tried to knee down and pick it up, but the staff said "Careful, it may bite you, we are handling it right now. Don't worry, there is no train coming right now." Well, seeing that there were 10+ men around, I stood myself behind the yellow line again. A bunch of men were there but nobody dare to catch the dog.

By the time 2 peoples were down the track, they were shooing the dog away from the track - they dare not to take him up. Then the station manager allowed the train to come into the station - both northbound and southbound train track are now with moving trains.

The method in which they shoo the dog away was ridiculous. The entire station was looking at the dog running for its life furiously. I can not see whether the dog was alive or dead anymore which makes me so worried.

Such method was absurb & I can't believe anyone engaged in it. I will lodge a complain upon their way of handling this incident."

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