John Anderson
John Anderson campaign leader

The bulk of the rhinos South African National Parks (SANParks) wants to move out of the Kruger to protect them from poachers will go to private game reserves in the Northern Cape.

SANParks signed contracts with three hunting outfits based in Northern Cape reserves late last year for the translocation of 260 Kruger rhinos.

The estimated income from these sales, in addition to a further 20 rhinos to be sold on auction, was R80-million.

The main motivation behind the move was not the income, however, but the need to provide an alternative breeding population of rhinos in a safer environment than the besieged Kruger. At least 1 827 rhinos have been killed by poachers in the Kruger since 2010 – there have been two poaching incidents in the Northern Cape in the same period.

The outfits that contracted to buy 260 Kruger rhinos were Chapungu Safaris Africa, Wintershoek Safaris and Steyn Safaris.

Chapungu Safaris Africa owns two game farms, one in the Eastern Cape. The second, called Kalahari Oryx, spans 180 000 acres in the Northern Cape and is co-owned by retail magnate Christo Wiese.

The three outfits host photographs of rhino hunts on their websites. They are all members of local and international professional hunting organisations.



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