Update #58 ·

Dave Douglas recruited for Israel state sponsored Red Sea Jazz Fest

In a last minute effort to fill up the flailing schedule of the Israel state sponsored Red Sea Jazz Festival, producers recruited Dave Douglas, with 8 days to go. The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a bi-yearly event in Israel's city of Eilat. The festival could have been an event celebrating the free spirit of Jazz music, and this beautiful tradition of oppressed minorities. Instead, it is a government event of propaganda, which uses Jazz music as a tool for whitewashing military occupation, apartheid and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Following Israel's massacres in Gaza this past month, cancellations came one after the other. Terence Blanchard, Marcus Strickland and Los Hacheros have all pulled out of the whitewashing festival. 

Please strengthen our 12.000 strong call to Jazzists to boycott the Red Sea Jazz Festival and sign the petition at https://www.causes.com/actions/1757955-dont-let-th...

At a time when in the West Bank half of Israel's products, forced on a captive market by the barrel of a gun, are boycotted by the occupied Palestinian population; Israel's produce is being rejected throughout supermarket chains in Europe; In the USA Israel boats are being blocked from docking; All around the world masses are coming out to the streets demanding a weapons embargo on the genocidal state; celebrities, artists and musicians can no longer keep silent. Please encourage them in the hard task of speaking truth to power and SIGN and SHARE the petition.


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