Update #57 ·

Los Hacheros withdraw from the Red Sea Jazz Festival!

Following the cancelation of Terence Blanchard and Marcus Strickland, comes the cancelation of Los Hacheros. This is the the third cancelation from the Israel state sponsored Red Sea Jazz Festival, this season, as our petition just passed its 12.000 signatory milestone.

If you've yet to sign, please add your voice to the collective roar at https://www.causes.com/actions/1757955-dont-let-th...

Though reasons of support for the Palestinian people were not cited by neither of the artists, we at the '10 Reasons for Cultural Boycott of Israel' campaign find it hard to ignore the recent horrific circumstances, which have led many celebrities, artists, and athletes to withdraw their business from Israel.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a bi-yearly event in Israel's city of Eilat. The festival could have been a festival to celebrate the free spirit of Jazz music, and this beautiful tradition of oppressed minorities. Instead, it is a government event of propaganda, which uses Jazz music as a tool for whitewashing military occupation, apartheid and oppression of the Palestinian people. 

Now, more than ever, as Palestinians in the Gaza strip are still pulling the bodies of their children out of the rubble, and as West Bankers are being executed by Israel's trigger happy army in increasing numbers. let's amplify their voice! Please SIGN and SHARE our petition.


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