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The loopholes just keep on coming.

Citizens United Made Corporations People - Now People are Becoming Corporations

The 2010 Citizens United decision afforded corporations the same first amendment speech protections as their living, breathing counterparts. Furnished with constitutional rights and armed with campaign contributions, they are now political force to be reckoned with. Unlike actual people however, when a corporation donates money to a politician the source of those funds is legally allowed to remain anonymous. As the Young Turks explain, that’s an attractive opportunity for donors seeking to impact elections away from the public eye.

How you can help

Congress thought that they could sneak through a series of awful provisions in the Omnibus Bill without the public catching on. But guess what? We noticed and we are angry. Speak up now! Here are just a few of the most outrageous elements of the deal:  Defense lobbyists scored $479 Million for defense contractors to make warplanes the Pentagon did not ask for. Sound expensive? They're paying…

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