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Why was the Public Angry at Shetye's Delhi Gang Rape Based 'Fashion' Photo Shoot

Raj Shetye’s fashion photo shoot  based on the 2012 gang rape and assault on a Delhi bus, has angered many in India and around the world.

In an interview with The Voice of the Cape (South Africa), the 50
Million Missing founder, Rita Banerji gives the reasons why she is not surprised by Shetye’s project. However Rita also says, it is equally important to analyze the public outrage and question what it really represents. She observes that there are terrible lethal crimes against women and girls in India, and yet the public gets angry about rape, and has almost no response to other forms of lethal violence on women or girls.  Why is this so? She goes on to discuss that this is because rape is  still seen through a male prism that views women as sexual resources owned by men, and not as a human rights crime against women. To hear the interview or read the synopsis click on the link below


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