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Introducing the Safety Kit

Dear Supporter,

We are one step closer to getting Safety Education to every girl. And we need your help once more: http://gogetfunding.com/project/safety-kit

The Safety Kit is a tool that will be given to the Marginalized girls in about five different communities around the world in the USA, India, Zambia, Nigeria and Malawi. Our aim is to give out 250 Safety Kits to girls who need them by December 2014 and only you can make that happen.

The Safety Kit will not only educate girls on safety, it will also empower them and equip them for safety.

We thank you for all your signature on our cause which has driven us to create this initiative. Fund us and make a difference: http://gogetfunding.com/project/safety-kit

Share this link with your friends, family, organizations and community then let us help each other one girl at a time.

Be Safe. Be SAFIGI.


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