Wynono Kwahu
Wynono Kwahu signed

I am the spirit of nature running free
I howl to the moon and sleep by the tree
My spirit is pure and I hold nature’s heart
Help protect what I love so I never depart

I was born wolf and given the task to teach
Open you mind and your heart I will reach
Protect all the lands we both see as our home
Look to the mountains you will see where I roam

In dreams I am there to teach you about life
Walk in my path and you will walk without strife
I love all the creatures that live in our land
Please listen to my words I am always at hand

These words are to help you understand
That mankind and I were born from the very same sand
Nature created what you see all around
Mankind can protect all off this sacred ground

So go forth today and listen to your heart
Know you are the world and of this land a part
Send love to all creation and the love will return
No need to think that our world needs to burn

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