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Hello To all,

We are allready +20,000 I applreciate all your help, but i need the fallowing

1.-Help us eliminate antisemitism on Facebook. The Facebook page "I hate Israel" still exists, despite all the efforts to take it down. So what can you do? Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-HATE-ISRAEL/123797510970725?ref=br_tf , click on the three dots in the upper right corner, choose "report page", choose " I think it shouldn't be on Facebook", choose "It's hate speech", choose " a race or ethnicity", choose " submit to Facebook for review" and finally choose Done! That's all.
2.- Someone that can help me right a very good email to FaceBook,
The mail must be VERY WELL DONE AND ENGLISH. In it you need to explain that a number of people have already denounced the "I hate Israel" page clearly violating their policies and community standards.

Specifically violates the rules VIOLENCE AND THREATS, HARASSMENT by, by using language that incites HATE and might violate SAFETY.

However, the clear violations 4 sections of the Community rules on Facebook the response received from the complainants of Facebook is that this page does not appear to violate these rules and therefore keeps running and spreading their hate speech and incitement to violence, proposing, among other things, the destruction of the State of Israel and inciting the murder of Jews around the world.

Therefore, respectfully apply for a Facebook reviews its decision and because the violations that page, "I Hate Israel" codes of Facebook, asking to be disabled.

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