Gregory Mendel
Gregory Mendel campaign leader

Precious pets like Shadow are being shot by their neighbors, left in hot cars, dragged behind them, doused with flammable liquids and set fire, etc. The problem is widespread and we MUST JOIN TOGETHER TO DEMAND JUSTICE FOR SHADOW and for these others or it will only get worse (if that's even possible).

Speaking of animal atrocities, and the role government can play, did you hear the story about Guero? He's the blind 14 year old family member/dog who was left on the side of a busy road when his owner and passenger were arrested (with charges subsequently dropped) for having a bottle of prescription medicine in their car. The "officer" ignored their pleas to call someone to come and get Guero, and Guero died soon after due to this officer's callous disregard. (As far as I know, no humans were injured, but I know people have been killed and seriously injured in accidents caused when they try to avoid hitting animals on the road. I believe this officer also put the lives of everyone on that road at unnecessary risk!)

This is happening daily all over the country - sometimes it's the police, sometimes it's a family member, sometimes it's the neighbor - all those contributing directly to a family pet's untimely, and often horrible, demise.

In all cases, like Shadow's, we have to stand up and tell the authorities and the public that this will not be tolerated. Offenders must be charged with felony animal cruelty (and any other relevant charges) and prosecuted to the max by the proper authorities. The penalties must be harsh to send a clear message to everyone that there is no excuse for this type of behavior!

If the authorities do not act promptly, with conviction, they should be charged with malfeasance! Elected officials who turn their heads and look the other way need to be removed from office as soon as possible.

Please sign our petition and tell the authorities in the City of Fletcher, County of Henderson, State of North Carolina THAT WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR SHADOW!

Thank you.


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