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This is a story not about killing but saving a kittens life !!
Going the extra mile!!
I was on my way home from church Last Sunday ! Stopped at Petsmart
In the parking lot I saw a small kitten jump underneath a van, went up
Inside by the axle !
I went inside and asked a girl to page the owners of the van !
She ashed why and I explained !
Without a blink of an eye we were both outside under the van trying to get the kitten out!!
Shawna went inside and got a can of food a third girl joined us !!
We all 3 were able to save the kitten in the picture !!
My point is an animal no matter what kind it is or if u like them or not is one of Gods creatures and should never be mistreated , tortured , starved , killed !!' They are living breathing as we are!
There is enough cruelty in this world'
If more people cared and went out if there way "the extra mile"
We would not have all this hate amongst us And defenseless animals !


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