Yaser Kashgari
Yaser Kashgari campaign leader


Most organizations could be looking to be pioneer in certain aspects. Firms and organizations could be developing in many criteria, and could be generous if it had to be in a social or cultural prospective. Firms and organizations could be involved in a combat to be a pioneer, and those firms and organizations that are pioneers in certain fields could be gaining from being such. In Telecommunications Novel, Telecom Companies could adopt the process of establishing methods for transmitting the Internet free. They could be pioneers in this magnificent event and approach that could be helpful in social and cultural environment. Because I like Zain Telecom, I have submitted a project that discuses this issue. Thus, I like Zain Telecom, Saudi Arabia, to be the world pioneer in transmitting Internet free, in public, home, and work. In addition, I would like to have the Honor of the decision for transmitting Internet free for the overall customers. This decision could be helpful for improving social and cultural potential.


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