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The little dog above was 14 years old and blind. When his guardian was pulled over for failing to use his traffic signal, he was arrested for a prescription bottle found in the car as there was some question as to whose it was; Mr. Garcia had a friend with him, they were both arrested. Mr. Garcia had his buddy, the family dog, Guero alog for the ride. The police, in spite of begging from Mr. Garcia to allow him to call someone to come get the dog, or call Animal Control (2 blocks away) said "it's not my problem" and called for a tow causing little, elderly, blind Guero to be put out on the side of a huge highway. Needless to say, he didn't live long. The charges against Mr. Garcia were dropped within a few days and now, the precious family pet will never be with his family again, all because it wasn't the problem of this policeman. My rescue group and myself strongly feel anyone who could do this should never wear a badge. We want this officer fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! In most all states, the abandonment of a companion animal is a felony. Should a policeman be permitted to commit a felony? I thought nobody is allowed to commit a felony. This policeman should never again wear a badge or be in a position of authority since he can't even make the right and decent decision that would have saved this dog. He knew Guero would die out there and he didn't care at ALL. please sign and share so we can let the Mayor of Houston know how we feel!

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