Darren Sunderland
Darren Sunderland campaign leader

This is a very well put together video and seem to link in with our Interfaith intercultural approach, it covers the basic facts although does not relate directly to Shambo the Hindu Bull. But nevertheless I hope it helps inspire support to take direct action against the Racist / Speciesist Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The previous video had linked to a Badger Cull Protest which I had posted as it linked TB to the war against animals, wild life, cows etc, and was the same excuse given by the DEFRA for Shambo's Slaughter and its Insult to Hinduism. However, that video was made private shortly after we used it, it seemed like the animal rights group did not want to associate with interfaith, this seems to be the case with animal rights in general, however we seek to bridge this pitfall for animal earth liberation - please support the alliance: http://www.interfaithveganalliance.org/justice-for-shambo/

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