California is home to more people of Native American/Alaska Native heritage than any other state in the Country. There are currently 114 federally recognized Indian tribes in California and around 70 native nations who have been State recognized - many whom are petitioning for recognition which is a notoriously expensive and arduous process. Tribes in CA currently have around 100 separate reservations or Rancherias. There are also a number of individual Indian trust allotments. These lands constitute “Indian Country”, and a different jurisdictional applies in Indian Country.

From a previous post by Angela Mooney D’arcy, Acjachemen Nation, Juaneno Band of Mission Indians regarding this legislation AB 52: "While Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples supports raising the level of protection and respect afforded Native American Tribes in California, we must strongly oppose AB 52 in its current form due to its diminishment of the rights of unrecognized Tribes in California. For the first time under California cultural, historic, or environmental preservation law, AB 52 would define “Native American Tribe" in a way that excludes over 70 Tribal Nations in the state."

Legislation AB 52 would change the current law to limit who government agencies, and developers, need to work with to JUST federally recognized tribes. If this law is passed it will make non federally recognized tribes invisible and wipe them off the map figuratively and literally.


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