Update #34 ·

The Illegal & Taxpayer Funded Wild Horse Roundups Continue

Even though there is no current population data to support the "overpopulation" propaganda, wild horses that are supposed to be protected from capture, branding, harassment, and death, continue to be stampeded and removed from their legal domain on our Public Lands.  Last week, 145 more wild horses in Utah, were harassed with helicopters and stampeded into trap pens.  Two were killed.  They were then transported to a "private ranch" where there is no transparency.  Some will be shipped to a prison where they become commodities for that prison.  Utah is on a mission to remove ALL the last remaining wild horses in that state to appease a few ranchers using our Public Lands for their livestock.  This is clearly a violation of the Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act as are all wild horse roundups because over 70% of remaining herds are below genetic viabiltiy therefore they are not "overpopulated". 

Ask yourself "what can I do to raise awareness and change the current eradication policy before it's too late?".  Please take action and speak up for those that can not. 



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