Update #38 ·

Rescued Tonight in China!

Help end this !This poor soul was rescued tonight. The smuggler's truck 冀FE9437 was intercepted at tangshan city toll booth, Hebei providence China,  carrying over 500 dogs destined for slaughter. 

Many stolen pets with collars on. It was boiling hot and the dogs crammed in the cages could barely breath. In fact many were dead from dehydration and others from poison, the method used to catch pets and stray dogs. 

People think dog meat festivals are just at horrific events such as Yulin.They are not! This madness happens all year round. 

Please help us to stop it. We need more awareness campaigns and we need to support on the ground rescuers and shelters and above all, we need to push the government to  create and enforce animal protection laws. 


We are the registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade

Thankyou for caring!


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