Update #9 ·

My heart aches for this family

A good friend of mine visited the shelter today and took this picture. This mom had just delivered these kittens. They are all laying on metal which gets very cold. These are things Greenville County Shelter does not want us to see. These kittens came from Spartanburg County and transfer to Greenville. Unfortunately, if they do not weigh enough, they will be killed. The Vet at the shelter will kill these kittens!!! I have been thinking about this today. I have contacting three of my rescue friends and asked for them to pull this family and I will foster. I will be closing this campaign soon and start pushing to stop this needless killing. This has got to stop. Please support me on this. Please invite your friends once more to sign. The more signatures we have, the better chance we have to win. Thank you all for your support. 


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