Update #14 ·

These are where the puppies and kittens are boiled alive!

Please help us! It's horrific to grasp but these are the pressure cookers where the little ones are boiled alive so that soups and elixirs can be made. 

This is South Korea and it is happening right now! Although there is talk to close Moran Market and although animal protection laws were discussed and " agreed" last year, the torture continues to satisfy ancient traditions and taste.

On August 7th, it is Malbok. The third hottest dog eating frenzy of the year. So many will die in the most unspeakable way

.We need your help! If you are in Los Angeles or in London please come out on to the streets with us and say end this madness


Join our campaign, download our flyers, follow us on facebook, write to you press delegates donate to our cause.

No Action is too small! 

Please contact us : [email protected]http://www.facebook.com/NoToDogMeat

for donations to our registered charity 1154524 http://www.facebook.com/NoToDogMeat

Thank you !

please say NoToDogMeat and NoToCatMeat


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