As a child, I had a rough beginning. My mother wasnt in life, and my dad worked all the time to put food on the table. I showed signs of loneliness wherever I went. And because I had mother issues, I also had an attraction to older men.

In the 8th grade, my American History teacher caught on to my helplessness (and appealing looks). Everyday he'd come over to my desk for the whole period and help me with my work. He'd smile at me and flirt. He'd get an erection and cover it up. Sometimes he'd even do my work for me. I noticed about about a week later, he followed me to all my classes. Sooner or later I fell in love with him.

He also coached track and field, so I joined it. He made me feel like a princess inside. He always said how he was going to buy me things and be there for me no matter what. On the bus to meets, he'd sit in the seat beside me and fantasize while looking at me to make it clear he had a sexual attraction. He always looked me in my eyes and ask if I was alright. When I said "no" he would say "no you're not". He'd do things so he could "get my trust." He made a very dedicated emotional bond towards me. He always hinted that I could tell him. But I never told him how I felt.

6 months later, I still hadn't told him. At this point, he found another girl (who was the most success girl in the school) to prey on. When he found her, he'd laugh at me when I cried, run ahead to catch up with her and leave me in an area where i had no clue how to get back to the school. He treated me like absoulute dirt. (I have asthma and I'm the slowest kid on the team.)

At this point I wanted to commit suicide. I didnt want to live in life and had no hopes any more. All my confidence was because he a finally had that adult figure I never had. Every day at track was eating me alive and I had no friends who'd understand. I couldn't report him because he lied to the school officials. If I told my family, my dad would end up in jail. So all I could do was allow myself to suffer through it and hope for a better day.

There needs to be an end to this. No child should go through what I did.

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We call on our nation's leading prosecutors to investigate Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent John Deasy and district senior officials over the disclosure that LAUSD officials destroyed documents on over 2,000 cases of sexual abuse at Los Angeles schools. Furthermore, we call on our chief prosecutors to file criminal charges against any LAUSD official who ordered and/or…

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See LA Times article "LAUSD Must Pay $1.4 Million to Girl Sexually Abused by Classmate here:  See contact information for LAUSD Board Members here: Parents at Superior St. School are urging the public to join us in sending a clear message to the seven members of the LAUSD Board of Education, and school districts throughout California, by signing…

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As California law is currently written, a school teacher who has sexually or physically abused students can use the rules to their advantage to resign before being fired in order to keep their retirement benefits, even if they are later prosecuted by law enforcement for their crimes. The parents and concerned people who make up CALIFORNIANS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS find such abuse of children and the…

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