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Ready for Gillary!

Friends —

I don't want anyone to miss Honest Gil's highly anticipated campaign kickoff speech in Kentucky this Saturday, and we can't all be on the campaign's tour bus.  

That's why I asked Gil to make you this short video with a special campaign update.  

It's an inside look at the plan for this weekend's launch, plus a hilariously honest spoof on Kentucky. 

It's hard to believe everything that's happened with Gil's campaign was just Phase 1: A national media frenzy, 1,300+ donors, $70,000+ raised... If you missed any of it, you can get caught up here.  

Phase 2 begins at the wildest political event in Kentucky (maybe even in America): the 131-year-old Fancy Farm picnic.  

McConnell and Grimes will deliver predictable speeches to the crowd. Honest Gil will let loose a riotous, unpredictable rant to officially announce his fake bid for Senate.  

Gil has the people of Kentucky and all of America talking about how our elections have become auctions — and Represent.us' plan to fix it. With your continued support, and his performance this weekend, I have no doubt he'll be in the headlines again. 

Please watch, share, and comment on these videos so that everyone in America knows about his big campaign launch speech August 2!  Also, don't forget to support Gil Fulbright on Causes.

I wish you could be in Kentucky with us this weekend. I’ve read Gil's speech, and it’s amazing. We’ll make a video of the whole weekend and send it to you as soon as we can!  

Go Gil! Go Gil! Go Gil!  

— Graham

Joshua Graham Lynn,
Program Director Represent.Us

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