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More than 5200 homes destroyed, 1422 dead in Gaza. UN sheds crocodile tears

Our campaign "Lets do away with the UN" is spreading slowly but surely and by now 201 conscientious people have signed the petition. I would like to gratefully acknowledge their support in furthering the cause. Please note that the Gaza war is in its fourth week and during this period more than 5200 homes have been callously destroyed by Israeli aerial bombardment and ground shelling, ruthlessly killing 1422 and inflicting gruesome injuries on more than 6500 unarmed Palestinians including women and children. The Palestinian genocide continues.

The UN has not only failed to arrest the conflict in its early stages but also miserably failed to stop the war and avoid human disaster. What other evidence does one require to get convinced of the pathetic role of UN in the current Gaza war that its own facilities i.e. the compounds of UNRWA are being bombed and destroyed where thousands of war victims were taking shelter. All that the UN is doing is to shed crocodile tears and nothing else to protect the lives of 1.8 million innocent civilians. SHOULD THE UN NOT BE DONE AWAY WITH, if it cannot perform its due role?

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