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Complaint Needed to Disciplinary Council for Further Action

Dear Supporters, 

We have not received a response from Harrison County or Prosecuting Attorney Joseph F. Shaffer regarding the Petition Complaints.   Please take a few moments and download the Complaint form, fill out, notarize and send your complaint in.  Please only send respectable valid complaints as we do not honor or support otherwise.   Photos and news links will be mailed in by the Petition maker however if you would like to also send them in please visit the photo link below.

Download and Print the Complaint Form

Reference: Office of Disciplinary Counsel

The Active Petition/Complaint can be found on Change.org


Photos, news stories and references can be viewed at the following link:

Attention:  Office of Disciplinary Council

In the beginning of May 2014 a Petition of Complaints regarding the Confiscation/Seizure of Domesticated Rabbits in Harrison County on 4/4/2014 was addressed  to Joseph F. Shaffer Prosecuting Attorney and copied to: Mayor Sammy J. DeMarco, Harrison Co Commission, Clerk of County Commission, WV Dept of Ag, Summer Wyatt, Magistrate Frank A. DeMarco and Gov. Earl Tomblin.

The Petitioners complaint is still active with 2,159 signatures to date; however, it has been ignored by Joseph F. Shaffer Prosecuting Attorney and Harrison County.  We the petitioners feel sufficient time has passed to review and respond to this complaint and now refer this documentation to the Office of Disciplinary Council for further action.  Joseph F. Shaffer Prosecuting Attorney failed to respond to phone calls and emails of concern regarding the Animal Cruelty complains on Lt. Scolapio.   We take the actions of Lt. Scolapio to be serious violations of the public trust, which expects rescued animals to be protected and adopted out and otherwise cared for.  We expect the complaint to be responded to in a timely manner.

Thank you for your continued support,

For The Rabbits,

Linda Sue


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