Update #1 ·

​Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on protecting women from gun violence is happening now.

Guns and domestic violence are a deadly combination. 

Right now, the Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing from survivors, advocates, and experts on Senator Amy Klobuchar's bill to keep guns out of the hands of stalkers and domestic abusers. 

Watch the hearing here: http://www.judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/vawa-next-steps-protecting-women-from-gun-violence

Sen. Klobuchar's bill is called the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act, and it works in two key ways:

  1. It would prohibit stalkers from buying or possessing guns. 
  2. It would prohibit all domestic abusers from buying or possessing guns -- including dating partners, not just spouses.

The first step to building support for this important legislation is to let our senators know we're counting on them to take the lead. Women's lives are on the line. 


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