Betty Mekdeci
Betty Mekdeci campaign leader

The Give Me “5” Campaign
For 28 years, Birth Defect Research for Children has been an advocate (often the only advocate) for Vietnam and Gulf War veterans who have children with birth defects and disabilities.
Our National Birth Defect Registry has collected data that has found “distinctive patterns” of birth defects in the children of both Vietnam and Gulf War veterans.
We have been the “voice for the veterans” when we presented these data at scientific meetings, hearings at government agencies and congressional committees.
Because of our pioneering work, there are now four published studies that have found increases in birth defects in the children of Gulf War veterans. There are also pending bills in the house and senate for a national center to diagnose and treat the affected children of veterans exposed to toxins like Agent Orange during military service. (The concept for this center was BDRC’s idea.)
Over the years, we have also talked with thousands of veterans who have children with birth defects and disabilities and offered help with support and resource referrals.
We have worked for you for 28 years with virtually no grant funding and very little support from the public.
Now we need your help! Our funds are running perilously low because of military and federal program cutbacks in the Combined Federal Campaign, our main source of operating dollars.
There are over 16,000 of you who have signed on to the “Centers” petition. If each of you will donate just $5, we would have what we need to keep working for you.
Please help with our Give Me “5” campaign.
You can donate on this site or send a donation to BDRC, 976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Suite 104, Orlando FL 32814.
Thank you for your support,
Betty Mekdeci
Executive Director
Birth Defect Research for Children

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