Update #8 ·

Avon Foundation and the MBC Alliance!

Thank You Avon Foundation and Dr. Marc Hurlbert, for stepping up to the plate to be the leader of the Metastatic breast cancer community's needs! The month of August represents 1 year since August 2013 that Avon Foundation for Women became the administrative home for the MBC Alliance! We applaud all the members that strive to achieve the same goals for MBC patients and we ask that Ford Warriors In Pink now align themselves with supporting Avon and the MBCAlliance by adding them to your non profit organization list! Warriors In Pink products are sold everyday and you would be surprised to know how many of those purchases are made by stage IV patients and their families, friends and caregivers of these metastatic breast cancer patients. Please support our endeavors to make a difference in our community-please acknowledge us by including us equally in the choice options for donations from purchase proceeds and give us a spokesperson on your models of courage panel! Such small requests that would make such a large difference!!!

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