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Just one week ago, I was inside the White House as President Obama used his executive authority to extend employment protections to every LGBTQ worker employed by a federal contractor. It was, to quote our Vice President, a "big f'ing deal" -- and I was proud to represent the thousands of GetEQUAL activists who pleaded with the president over the past two years to take that action.

This morning, I was at the White House again -- this time at a rally outside the building as courageous undocumented young people, including GetEQUAL organizers, pleaded with President Obama to use his executive authority again to allow their parents to stay in the United States without the constant fear of deportation.

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I don't believe we should let Congress off the hook on immigration reform -- we still desperately need comprehensive reform that ensures a pathway to citizenship for the millions of folks who need it. However, each day that President Obama waits to use that executive authority -- the same authority he used last week -- approximately 1,100 people are deported. That number includes LGBTQ immigrants -- many of whom are being deported to countries in which homosexuality is criminalized and transgender folks face imminent death.

President Obama has said that he will take action on immigration at the end of the summer if Congress doesn't act -- but we all know how that story will end. Now is the time for Obama to "go big" by using his executive authority to make sure that families are kept together, and do not have to live under the constant fear of deportation.

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Just a week ago, I saw the power of President Obama doing the right thing. Help us show him that this is the right time to do the right thing again.

Power concedes nothing without demand,

Heather Cronk

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