Update #1 ·

Brighton Does It Again To a Talented Homeless Bum

Due to a big new project being created in Brighton across from the Old West Pier called the i360. I the so called pebble artist of Brighton has been messed around again. 

They need a temporary road so lorries can come in and tip of cement and other materials to keep their show on the road. This temporary road has went straight through what I was creating.  Now I have decided was is the point of me helping others since by the looks of things I am not welcome here just like the rest of the homeless that come here. I am originally from Ballymena, Northern Ireland (laim Gallagher and Jimmy Nesbitt where the two actors from here).

Due to this and people stealing my sleeping bags, cameras, mobile phones etc. I have decided to call it all quits. I want to work but cannot due to the flashbacks i suffer that hurt and killed a lot of people. Now I feel as if the homeless outreach workers and other homeless charity workers simply laugh at me. This feeling of not being worthy of a place to live is inevitable. But then again I am no religious person or do I want to be envolved in religion because it always starts wars and I believe in peace moreso now then ever.

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