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In February this year CJ’s owner was caught in public stamping on his head and kicking him when he was just a defenceless puppy. 

CJ has been safe in the care of Animal Welfare League NSW ever since. Despite being found guilty of animal cruelty this week, the Magistrate did not award custody of CJ to Animal Welfare League and we are expected to give him back. 

We are determined NOT to return CJ to this convicted animal abuser and want to see this decision appealed and overturned. CJ deserves our protection so we can find him the loving new family he deserves. 

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While our laws make it difficult to test cosmetic products on animals in Australia, many big brands still test their products and ingredients on animals overseas, then sell their products on supermarket shelves here. But now political support to end this cruelty is growing. The Greens have introduced a Bill to federal Parliament that would ban the import of cosmetic products that have been…

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