Bianka Nagy
Bianka Nagy signed

Millions of cats are killed yearly in China for their fur and meat. Torturous deaths including strangling, nooses bludgeoning & skinning alive are just a few ways these poor animals are being killed for their fur and meat.

Cats are being subject to living their lives in small unhygienic and cramped cages until the day they get chosen. Cats are often bludgeoned and left semi-conscious before they are then skinned alive.

They are often tied up by their tails and legs, crying in pain as the torture of pulling the skin back from their bodies begins. Many workers stomp on the animals who struggle to much for them to allow a clean cut.

Cats have been known to still be alive after they are skinned and then suffer an incredibly slow and painful death often just thrown onto a concrete floor breathing and writhing until they die.

PLEASE make a stand today and help the cats that are unable to speak for themselves. No Animal deserves to be treated this way.

Yes we can, we can Stop them, but just all together.

Thank you.


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