Update #1 ·

Please help us transport these seven dogs to the states.



Woody, Constantine, Ean, Petey, Lucas, Uma and Bindi are stranded in Nassau due to the distemper outbreak. 

All borders are now closed and no dogs can leave Nassau until further notice.

The funds that were going to be use for their transport is now being used to pay their boarding till the end of September.All their medical bills has now been paid, expect for Ean that still remains at the clinic after falling ill with bronchial pneumonia from kennel cough. 

To travel again they will all have to go to be re checked again for their health certificates.

To transport one dog to the States via Delta cargo is $700.

Please help us send these dogs to their homes in the States. They have spent a lifetime of painful abuse on the streets.

Without our help they would be still living homeless, roaming scared and starved.. They will never go back to the streets again, their lives began the day they were pulled from the streets and into safety.

Can you give us a helping hand again? Please?

If you cannot donate, please help us by sharing their fundraiser and spreading the word for them.

Thank you! - 

See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/please-help...


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