Shafiq Rehman
Shafiq Rehman campaign leader
At the height of ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza, where so far more than 650 unarmed Palestinians including about 400 women and children have been killed and the massacre seems to continues unabated, it was shocking to see the cowardice of about a dozen European countries and a couple of counties each from Africa and Asia who could dare not support a harmless Palestinian resolution calling for inquiry into Israeli war crimes in the current offensive. Europe at large is portrayed as a champion of human rights and other sophisticated principle of humanity, but when Muslims or other toothless nations are at the receiving end Europe conveniently forgets such principles. On Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014, the said resolution was put to vote in a meeting of the UNHRC. In keeping with their traditional Zoinist support policy the USA voted against the resolution while Austria, Benin, Botswana, Barkina Faso, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Gabon, GERMANY, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Montenegro, Republic of Korea, Romania, Macedonia and United Kingdom abstained.
How should the Palestinians, supporters of Palestine and millions of conscientious people around the world see it? Shall we call them abettors of genocide, murderers, self conceited humanists or cowards?
The instant voting has once again reminded us of the uselessness and ineffectiveness of the UN. This has happened many a time and we helplessly watch the UN moving on with just lip service and high sounding slogans. It is time that world must re-think the structure and powers of UN to make it an organization where decisions are democratically made, members have equal rights and responsibilities and when the comity of nations take a decision no can dare disregard it.

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