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EMERGENCY featured in BBC story of attack in Paktika province

On July 15th, EMERGENCY was featured in BBC coverage of a car bomb in Paktika province, Afghanistan. The busy marketplace attack killed 42 people and injured dozens more, many of whom were children. Patients in need of urgent care were taken to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Center in Kabul, where national and international staff worked around the clock to ensure that each individual in the packed hospital received high-quality, free-of-charge care.

Continued conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other war-torn nations, puts the civilian population in constant danger. Without EMERGENCY’s hospitals, many civilian children would be unable to receive the life- and limb-saving medical care that they need. Since initiating efforts in 1999, EMERGENCY has treated over 3.9 million people in Afghanistan alone.

Join EMERGENCY USA in signing a petition to support the Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act, in order to provide children a future without war. Help us reach our goal of 3,000 signatures!

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