Update #8 ·

​I just left the White House...

Friends, this morning we finally secured workplace protections for LGBTQ employees of federal contractors!  

As President Obama said in his speech from the White House, today the arc of the moral universe bent a bit more toward justice

It's taken two years of pressure to get to this point -- from interrupting a White House Easter Egg Roll to hanging a banner on a boat outside a presidential fundraiser to holding up giant light panels spelling "SIGN THE E.O." outside the White House. For two years, GetEQUAL organizers have staged action after action to press for this executive order -- even after being told by the White House a year ago that it wouldn't happen. 

I'm so proud of all that our grassroots network has done in order to make this day happen -- and I know that this is only a small fraction of what we're capable of. I'm proud to have attended today's White House signing event on behalf of the thousands of people who have taken action, both online and offline, to make this day happen -- and I'm proud to have represented the voices of folks who will continue to call on the President and on Congress to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity in the United States. Grassroots organizing and speaking truth to power is essential to ensuring that we keep moving closer to full equality.  

Today was a good day -- and now we will continue the long march forward.  We need full equality under the law for all LGBTQ Americans.  

Power concedes nothing without demand,  

Heather Cronk

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