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I had the good fortune of having breakfast with Imam Jamil back in 1998. His generous nature and down to earth character struck me. I found him gifted with piercing insight into the social condition of America, although at the time I knew little about "H. Rap Brown" as I was to young to appreciate his history. Since then I have become familiar with him both as H.Rap and as Imam Jamil. I have visited his community in Atlanta and kept abreast of his appeals to get a fair trail through members of his community. Anybody who has had the opportunity to look at the glaring injustices and tactics that were used to convict the Imam would quickly realize that he is innocent of the charges he has been convicted of. Suppressed evidence and testimonies, coerced statements etc. The list goes on and on. In addition, last year I met a man who served 25 YEARS..... Yes, that's TWENTY FIVE YEARS, for a crime he was later proven innocent of using modern forensic evidence. He too, was aided through the 'Innocence Project'. The time has come for a review of the Imam's case.... The time has come for True justice to be served!


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