Update #1 ·

The word is spreading

Dear friends and supporters the campaign "Let's do away with the UNO" was launched on July 12, 2014, in the context of continuing Israeli atrocities in Gaza and Palestine and failure of the UN to take timely action to stop this genocide. 

During the first week 118 people have shown their support by signing the petition. I am grateful to all those who share the concern and have joined a community who believe that the United Nations Organization, in its present form & structure, has proven it self  ineffective in bringing peace to world and protect human rights. 

We all want to see this world a safer, more peaceful and prosperous place by ensuring the coexistence of weak and powerful nations. The comity of nations need to think again what sort of global association would better suit our requirements. As the Israeli aggression goes on unabated and unarmed civilians of Gaza including women & children continue to suffer we also need to push this campaign. 

Best of luck!

Shafiq Rehman 

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