Update #20 ·

Exciting developments in our effort to remove animal hate and animal cruelty from Facebook!

We Reached 400,000 Signatures!
On July 7 we reached 400,000 signatures, the last 100,000 of which were received over the last 60 days! At this rate by September we will reach a half million signatures!

New Website Launch!
has a brand new “socially engineered” website to help get the message out! This includes the RebelMouse Social Engine. The same used for the website “The Dodo” and it is designed to allow you to more easily share our latest news.

We also have a new “Guestbook” section where we encourage you to report animal hate and animal cruelty pages to us. You may also use the Contact form to report them anonymously to us.

On The Legal Front:
We are now working with famed Swiss animal dignity attorney Dr. Antoine Goetschel and French animal law attorney Sabine Brels. We are exploring every legal avenue available to us with their brand new world-wide “animal law database” and website https://www.GlobalAnimalLaw.org

I am also pleased to announce the launch of one of the most important and ambitious “animal dignity” projects ever conceived. The “Global Animal Law” website! https://www.globalanimallaw.org/ Now in one place accessible to everyone, and contributed to by anyone, is the world’s largest database of animal laws and legislation. This is THE animal welfare legislation database, at every level in the world. This is a major tool in the fight against animal cruelty!

Created by two of the top animal dignity attorneys. Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel is a Swiss Lawyer and International Animal Law and Ethics Consultant, GAL President. Sabine Brels is a French lawyer with a specific background in international animal law, GAL Manager.

Press Releases:
We have begun to build a media contact database to send our press releases to. As always if you have media contacts or ideas, please feel free to share them with us!

Please use the new Guestbook or Contact systems on the new website to report any and all animal hate and animal cruelty pages to us. http://removehate.org/rh-guestbook

On another note please let me apologize for the graphic nature of our last update. This was my fault and it will not be repeated. In the future if there is something that bad I will find a less shocking way to inform you.

As always thank you for your continued support!


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