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I'd like to thank you!

I'd like to thank you! I never expected this fast (almost viral) response to this Cause.

If you want to get involved I invite you to join "The Anti Hunting Movement" on Facebook, which is a community page I found several weeks ago.

There, they have plenty of pictures of people who enjoy killing animals and that unfortunately, enjoy even more to show their "trophies".

To know more about Kendall Jones' activities as a hunter, visit her here: https://www.facebook.com/kendalltakeswild

Unfortunately I did't have those terrible photos I found on her profile (depicting a dead elephant with her on top surrounded by people from those villages in Africa), but you can find her big smile over a dead lion:


PETA sent me an email when I reported her profile to them, here you can read a few words about the incongruity of these hunters:

"Some trophy hunters attempt to paint their killing as charitable acts to help poverty-stricken African people, but if hunters were truly interested in helping them, they would use the millions of dollars that they spend on travel, accommodations, weapons, and government licensing fees to help Africans directly with food relief, humane wild-animal deterrent programs, and job skills training."

Have a great day and thank you for your support and care. 

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