Update #3 ·

Sae Japan and the world...!!!

OBJECTIVE : SAVE  JAPAN ...and the WORLD.......with predicting over Earthquakes..!!  This giant crater has created a big big air bubble in the core of the  EARTH ....!!

Other interrelated issues - TO REVEAL AND ESTABLISH THAT 'MOUNT EVEREST' HAS COME TO THE EXISTANCE THROUGH A 'BIG BANG' OF A SMALL PLANET TO THE EARTH (AND NOT THE COLLISION OF INTERCONTINENTAL PLATES(which is an acceptable cause as of now). Slides show the phenomenon that one small planet bang to the Earth and its pieces & Lava formed the famous 'MOUNT EVEREST' and left a mark of a pit of almost 3000 km of diameter. We could also learn and establish the followings -- 1. As how DINASOURAS were killed in a single event -- the collision generated tremendously powerful shock waves. The tones of the dust covered the earth. The melting dust, rocks,lava covered the entire earth. 2.. As how PETROL and PETROL PRODUCTS were produced -- The tons of DUST covered the GREEN TREES.. The hot DUST, ROCKS and LAVA covered the GREEN TREES. This created required pressure on the RAW MATERIAL ie GREEN TRESS. The INCUBATION OF THE RAW MATERIAL completed the process of forming of PETROL AND PETROL PRODUCTS. THEREFORE WHEREVER 'LAVA' COVERED THE EARTH DURING THIS BIG BANG' THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF FINDING THE 'PETROL AND PETROL PRODUCTS'. 3. This 'BIG BANG' might have created the famous BIGGEST CRACK' on the earth suface. THUS IT PROVES THE FORMING OF 'MOUNT EVEREST' THROUGH 'BIG BANG'. THANK YOU. MORE OF THE RESEARCH ON THIS 'BIG BANG' WOULD BENEFIT THE MANKIND. (Sources google basic maps.)

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